Programe of Anyksciai city festival, 19-22 July, 2012

19 July

14.00 The opening ceremony of the St. Anne’s church observation platform in Anyksciai and the path on the bank of the river Sventoji – the tower of the church, the bank of the river Sventoji near the church
20 July
20-22    day: the International Contest – Exposition of Floristic carpets – the centre of the town
15.00 The competition of day and night football – the town stadium
19.00 The opening of the Anyksciai town festival. Rock group “Alive way” and Donatas Montvydas, “Eurovision 2012”Lithuaniawinner – A. Baranauskas square
20.00 “Fascinating art”: movie, the acoustic performance of the participants “Once I thought the song in the bath” in the bus
21 July

10.00 – 14.00 Historical improvisations “The People under the Anyksciai Sky” – the old town of Anyksciai
11.00 – 14.00 “The Path of Art”: art, dance, poetry, music, improvisations – atVilnius street
11.00 – 17.00 The project of interactive art “The Smile for my Town” – the corner of A. Baranauskas sq. 13
12.00 The ceremony of the honorary Citizen name of Anyksciai district – A. Baranauskas square
16.00 Romantic afternoon “The Holy Chain of Our Souls” – near the A. Baranauskas house
17.00 The opening of “Bookstore Movie” – the old bookshop (J. Biliunas str. 11)
22.00 “Sventavarte” – The Opera of Jazz (motives of A. Vienuolis legend) in performance with well-known citizens of Anyksciai: Tomas Ladiga, Dalia Micheleviciute, Tomas Tuskenis, Arvydas Navalinskas, Vytautas Germanavicius, Deividas Meskauskas – Dainuva valley
23.30 DJ’s night – Dainuva valley
22 July
10.30 The meeting of the nuncio archbishop Luigi Bonazzi – the square (entrance to the town side of the Ukmerge)
12.30 Concert of the group “Jonis” – A. Baranauskas square
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